30-Day Yoga Dare

We have carefully selected 30 targeted videos from our existing videos and brand new ones that will improve your overall health and wellbeing – bolstering all your systems, nurturing your glands, toning and limbering your body, clearing your mind and letting your spirit grow wings.

Devoted Yogea followers have been requesting this well-rounded program that is coherent, accessible and fun. And here it is…

Don’t miss the actual invitation to 30-Day Yoga Dare briefing you up on the program. Take a listen and roll your mat out, it will transform into a magic carpet, taking you on an exciting journey where you can meet your healthiest and happiest self.

Every day you will have the unique opportunity to work on yourself –whether it’s your sanity or flexibility, your organs, or your breath. You will pay tribute to your joints and gut, your heart and mind, your digestion and glands, to your core and focus, and much more…You will Zen out for the night or gear up for the day; you will sponge the colon clean or loosen the grip and flow with Grace.

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If you’re too wrapped up in your life and can’t find the time to do a full practice, choose one of our brief and valuable meditations or breathing practices from Yogea playlist to fit in your schedule and suit your mood or needs.

And for all the ladies, if you don’t feel like practicing during your monthly cycle, but want to alleviate the pain, choose our yoga for menstrual cramps “Alleviate and purify”.

And don’t forget to throw the ball back – We need your feedback to get better and grow ourselves.

Don’t take this challenge as another competition toward success. It is about building healthy habits. And it all starts with every day Yoga practice. Remember “Yoga” is a verb, not a noun….Start now – Sunday, January 31st…Ready, set…GO


Gentle Yoga Routine: Effortless Grace

30-Day Yoga Dare kick off with a smooth and fluid practice that feels like a comforting massage – gently awakening your being to flow with Grace


Yoga for Joints’ Health: Folding Canvas 

Get into Yoga groove as you warm up the whole body and juice up all your joints


Morning Yoga Routine: Gear Up

Get ready for a productive day as you energize your body with this upbeat routine


Heart-opening Yoga Routine: True Color

Stay true to your heart-felt desires and attract what you love in your life


Detox Yoga Routine: Healthy Squeeze

Swirl and flush rinsing unwanted physical and emotional waste


Relaxing Yoga Routine: Zen Out

Today it’s time to wind down and unplug from mundanity


Digestion boosting yoga routine: Metabolic Rush

Glow from within and keep the stomach flora intact


Back pain relieving routine “Decompress, eliminate excess”

After a week of work your body’s overtaxed and burdened. Get it off your chest and back now.


Yoga for Insomnia Relief: Slumber Drum

You feel a little wound-up after a hectic Monday? Lull yourself to a restful and nourishing sleep with this soothing and gentle flow.

DAY 10

Hormonal Balance: Embodied Sustenance

Reboot your internal GPS as you balance the hormones and nurture the glands.

DAY 11

Anti-anxiety Yoga Routine: Loosen The Grip

Disentangle the knots of constant worry and preoccupation and feel at home in your own skin.

DAY 12

Morning Yoga Routine: Blush Of Dawn

Rise into your vastness as you flair up with the Sun.

DAY 13

Abs Toning Yoga Routine: Zip The Core

Today your abs are on fire as you stand boldly at the center of your universe

DAY 14

Anti-Arthritis Yoga Routine: Combo Flex

Gel up those rusty joints as you open room for physical and mental agility

DAY 15

Hips & Shoulders Yoga routine: Reinvent Yourself

Clear unresolved emotions of low self worth and fear from your hips and shoulders.

DAY 16

Anti-depression Yoga Routine: Revive and Rejoice

Chase away the blues as you tap, twist, arch, yield and flow – and bring back your inner glow.

DAY 17

Rejuvenating Yoga Routine: Replenish & Charge

Reverse the effect of ageing as you promote circulation and vibrant health

DAY 18

Hamstrings & Pelvis Opening Yoga Routine: Limber Base

Running up and down all week long took a toll on you? It’s time to stretch those hamstrings, hips and calves and feel suppler and more bendy – to bend tradition and spice up your life.

DAY 19

Stamina Yoga Routine: Persevere & Grow

Don’t allow any compromise in your vision or mission! Discipline your body and train the mind to be resilient in times of change.

DAY 20

Migraine Relieving Yoga Routine: Pain Away

Get a breather and clear your head from physical and mental tension.

DAY 21

Liver Detox Yoga Routine: Sponge Away

Rinse the liver clean as you promote healthy nutrients to flood your bloodstream and return the radiance to your skin.

DAY 22

Detox Yoga Routine: Regenerate & De-clutter

Today the focus is on purging excess and separating the wheat from the chaff.

DAY 23

Integral Yoga Routine: Essential Candor

It’s another manic Monday but you’re not wound up in the frenzy because you have found the best way to integrate body, mind and soul with this well-rounded practice.

DAY 24

De-stress Yoga Routine: Restore The Flow

Hyped up and jammed – from the inside out? It’s time to regain your balance and thrive in your element.

DAY 25

Weight-loss Yoga Routine: Slim Fit

You want to feel light and glamorous, and appealing? This routine will bring you a size down in no time.

DAY 26

Yoga for neck pain relief: In The Zone

You slept crooked or hugged the pillow the wrong way and your neck is as stiff as a board? It’s time to dissolve the knots on the spot and feel free to look in any direction.

DAY 27

Immunity Boosting Yoga Routine: Flu Proof

Fend off harmful bacteria and bolster the body’s natural shield.

DAY 28

Abs Shocker Yoga Routine: Power House

Experience the limitless potential of your body as you shift from the core and own your center.

DAY 29

Sculpting Yoga Routine: Chisel Away

Carve your silhouette like a piece of sculpture – taking away the unnecessary and keeping the essential.

DAY 30

Well-Rounded Yoga Routine: Integrity Check

Take stock of what you’ve accomplished and give yourself a pat on the shoulder. You did it! It was worth the dare …You’re now hooked. Simply go on with your yoga practice to live with passion and integrity.

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