10 min Beginner’s Yoga Routine: Savor The Now

Performed and inspired by Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Aga Totani
This Yogea routine brims with anxiety-busting poses to bring focus on the breath and draw the awareness into the body and out of the mind. The sequence starts with a standing breathing in motion to promote suppleness in the joints and relieves accumulated tension due to stress or worry. A gentle flow warm up sets all emotions in motion, as it increases flexibility in the spine while opening the shoulders and the hips and brushing negative thoughts aside. Balancing standing poses couple with kneeling lunge openers to dissolve into seated twists, forward and back bends adorned with soothing binds to reduce the heart rate, lower blood pressure and ease respiration. Joyful heart-openers end the sequence and pump up the whole body with motivation and happy anticipation. A supported inversion at the end allows you to shift the negative patterns into a healthy and positive attitude toward life, appreciating every emotion as an opportunity to grow.

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